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The Rise and Ruin of Everwood

In a merciless world, deep in the Adirondacks, where Mother Nature rules the land-Eva vowed two things: to protect the people of Everwood and never fall in love. Love in these dangerous times is a liability, one she can't afford to risk.

When fate intervenes, and she meets a mysterious man who has lost his memory and his way, her heart slowly begins to betray her promise. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, Evangeline Wolf is faced with a decision. One that could not only affect her settlement, but the rest of her life.

In this post apocalyptic era, where perils are hidden around every corner, this handsome stranger may be Eva's only hope to save Everwood-forcing her to choose between the love she never expected and the revenge she's waited years for.


The Rules for surviving a world ruled by Mother Nature are simple: Always be on your gaurd, never trust, never be a liability, and never-ever, fall in love . . . Stay Tuned for a sneak Peek!


Coming Soon

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